Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Chalk-A-Block Neighbourhhod Weekend


Labour Day weekend, 2013

Chalk supplies generously donated by Oak Ave. Hub: Small Neighbourhood Grants


Wednesday, 27 February 2013


When Tricia Keith and her family moved to a new housing development in Surrey’s Whalley community, they shared the sentiments with their fellow neighbours that the area was in need of some new, positive energy.

Fueled by a passion for art, Tricia and her good friend Tracy Hetherington set out to use their love of celebratory art to connect and inspire their fellow Whalley residents.

Tracy discovered the Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grants program through the Surrey Public Library and was the impetus to start the Host-a-Hope project: using inspiring and portable mural paintings to display positive messages around their neighbourhood.

Thanks to the Neighbourhood Small Grant funding, donations from General Paint, Home Depot and City of Surrey’s re-use paint program and hard work from Tracy, Tricia and her husband, they designed and sketched six foot high, free-standing murals centred around themes of kindness and respect. The initial display of the murals took place at their annual neighbourhood block party for about 30 residents on Labour Day in 2012.

Tricia spoke about what the Host a Hope project experience was like. “The impression was ‘Look at what you can do!’ I saw that it opened people's possibilities up, gave them sense of pride, and made them feel connected as a community. These were the highlights for me.”

The block party also marked the opening of the City Central Learning Centre on their street, a facility that assists teens and young adults of all walks of life continue their grade 10, 11 and 12 education and graduate high school. There was some concern from residents about the impact the school might have in their neighbourhood, but the residents came together and welcomed the facility with Tricia offering to display the murals outside the school. The school enthusiastically welcomed the pieces and hosted them at the school for six weeks starting the first day of school.

“I know every area is different with different needs. What I love about Surrey is the openness to new ideas and the willingness to develop its own distinct culture…the energy that connects people to people, people to themselves and people to nature.”

Host-a-Hope project is another great example of how it doesn’t take much to make a big impact and how art is another way to build connections and engagement within a community.



written by Robin Russell from the Vancouver Foundation, .

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hallowe'en pics

The seed gathering, warm, sunny October 31st.

                    The first of its kind in Surrey.

Excellent conditions set

                                         for this event to grow strong into the future of Surrey's
                                                               festive bike culture.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

If you love Bikes and Costumes, ...

Community Hallowe`en Bike Ride

Tracy had the awesome idea to create a Hallowe'en Bike Ride for our community. She played with the idea while down with the flu and designed the poster during her sick time. She inspired me and together we applied for a grant from Vancouver Foundation: Neighbourhood Small Grants Program. We have been filling in the details ever since.

If you love Costumes and Bike Rides, this is the event for you. 

October 28, 4-6pm. Holland Park.

First 30 participants will receive a free LED Turtle light set. Hot Chocolate from Tim Horton`s will be served in the Park. 

This is a Rain`R`Shine event! 

A big piece has changed since the initial plans were drawn. Namely, the bike procession will stay within the Holland Park perimeter. Reason being, we did not have the funding available to buy the insurance needed to get an Event Permit that would give us protected access to the streets.

We'll keep working on our planning to make next year's event just the way we want it.

Monday, 15 October 2012

New Moon Creation

Many of us have been working to find ways to change our lives.

Perhaps you have been working to change a dilemma in your life. Perhaps you have been losing energy and feeling bad. The excellent work you could be doing may be seriously compromised by the system you work in. You know there is a better way, yet you know you could lose your job, your partner or your way of life, if you take action.

Yet you want change, in spite of the consequences.

To find this change peacefully, requires peaceful means. Beginning with an alter or a place where you will not be disturbed, take pencil and paper. You may need to make notes or draw pictures. Sit in your space and go into deep contemplation. Consider all parts of the dilemma. Once you have a firm grasp on all the elements involved, enter into a deeper state of contemplation and sit with the highest resolution of what of what you know is possible.

Without thinking of changing any particular person or thing, or implementing any particular steps to a solution, simply continue bringing yourself back to the highest potential resolution. Breath into the Results. See it all happening as you breath into your body. Then let it go. Absolutely let it go and Give it Up. Soon you will probably notice things changing around you.

Pyramids function by the thoughts and actions of all the people involved in them. Contemplating the change and developing our ability to know our potency as Spiritual Beings, gives each person in the situation the same amount of power.

Many of us are quickly learning how to consciously manifest, which is completely natural and a very high order of life.